The Shroud of Turin is shown and biblical scenes are dramatized, including Jesus (John Rubinstein) walking on water. see full movie info There are no trailers for this movie. MOVIENIGHT IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC jesus blog. In Search of Historic Jesus Theatrical release poster Directed by Henning Schellerup Produced by James L. Conway Bill Cornford Charles E. Sellier Jr. Screenplay by Jack Jacobs Lee Roddy Charles E. Robert Starling Malvin Wald Starring John Rubinstein Brad Crandall Narrated by Brad Crandall Music by Bob Summers Cinematography Paul Hipp George Stapleford Edited by Kendall S. Rase Distributed by Sunn Classic Pictures Release date August 1979 Running time 91 minutes Country United States Language English Box office $22, 438, 000 [1] In Search of Historic Jesus is a 1979 documentary film released by Sunn Classic Pictures that speculates on the historical accuracy of the biblical depiction of Jesus. Contents 1 Production notes 2 Reception 3 See also 4 References 5 External links Production notes [ edit] In Search of Historic Jesus was produced by Sunn Classic Pictures, a Utah -based independent film company that specialized in releasing low-budget family films and documentaries. Along with such features as In Search of Noah's Ark (1976) and Beyond and Back (1978), the film was one of a series of releases from the company that attempted to present convincing scientific evidence for Christian theology. [2] Parts of the film were shot in Heber, Provo, and Park City in Utah. [3] Reception [ edit] In Search of Historic Jesus was a massive commercial success. Produced on a low budget, the film earned over $22. 4 million at the North American box office [1] [4] and was the 34th highest-grossing film of 1979. [5] See also [ edit] Historical Jesus Historicity of Jesus Sources for the historicity of Jesus Historicity of the Bible References [ edit] ^ a b "In Search of Historic Jesus, Worldwide Box Office Information". Worldwide Box Office. Retrieved September 17, 2016. ^ Beyond and Back, AMC Movie Guide. AMC. Retrieved September 17, 2016. ^ D'Arc, James V. (2010). When Hollywood came to town: a history of moviemaking in Utah (1st ed. ). Layton, Utah: Gibbs Smith. ISBN   9781423605874. ^ " In Search of Historic Jesus, Box Office Information". The Numbers. Retrieved September 17, 2016. ^ "Top Grossing Films of 1979". Archived from the original on 2018-06-12. Retrieved 2016-09-17. External links [ edit] In Search of Historic Jesus on IMDb In Search of Historic Jesus at the TCM Movie Database In Search of Historic Jesus at AllMovie Brad Crandall on IMDb Sunn Classic Pictures on IMDb



MOVIENIGHT IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC jesus loves. MOVIENIGHT IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC jesusmarie. This comment, even though it is about "In Search of Historic Jesus, is a rather short one. However, it does have a point, and I'll get to it in a moment. First, my brief memories of "Historic Jesus." Only Schick Sunn Classic Pictures would bring together John Rubenstein, Nehemiah Persoff and Brad Crandall together in the same documentary. My particular. and, frankly, my only real. memory of the film occurs as follows: During the Crucifixion sequence recreation, Rubenstein, starring as Jesus, utters: Why hast Thou forsaken me? At that point, the unseen voice of Peter Mark Richman kicks in, saying: Do not despair, my Son. You have fulfilled Your mission well. And soon, You shall take Your rightful place at My side." Apparently emboldened (hard to believe that Jesus would experience feelings of boldness while still nailed to the Cross. Rubenstein utters, Into Thy hands, my Father, I commend my spirit." It signifies his very last seconds of life. So much for my memories of seeing "In Search of Historic Jesus." What I really want to concentrate on, as I comment here, is Brad Crandall, a veteran television announcer and narrator. Brad Crandall was the one element without whom the Schick Sunn Classic documentaries would not have been granted their apparent 'credibility, or lack thereof. Yet when NBC first premiered each of these documentaries for the first time on TV, or whenever they were rerun on NBC, I always looked forward to watching them, if only for the purpose of checking out Brad Crandall, and hearing what he had to say. As a matter of fact, I remember attempting to write a documentary of my own. I was going to call it "In Search of Uncle Jimmy Thompson, because it would have told the story of the hard-livin' hard-drinkin' old coot of a fiddler whose music helped launch the Grand Ole Opry. My plan was that I was going to have Brad Crandall host and narrate the documentary, because I had become such a fan of his. Alas, Brad passed away before I could even contact him about the idea. So I just thought how nice it would be here to say a few words about Brad Crandall, and to find out if there were other people in cyberspace who were just as hooked on Brad as I was. If you're out there, and if you ever read this, please e-mail me. 'Nuff said.

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YouTube. MOVIENIGHT IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC. The biggest problem with "In Search of Historic Jesus" is that there is very little search to it at all. Shick-Sunn produced these "documentary" films in the 1970s and just into the '80s, which featured interviews with "experts" and discussion of "science" and "facts" to make a case for whatever the title of the film was looking to cash in on.
Sadly, Historic Jesus" is really little more than a third-rate dramatization of the life of Christ. Unlike Shick-Sunn's more superior "In Search of Noah's Ark" which spends the majority of its running time discussing the possibility that the ark is resting on the earth today and where that might be, this film is basically the story of Jesus with no effort made to prove or disprove his existence. The famed Shroud of Turrin is mentioned, but little other detective work is given much screen time.

For fans of these quasi-documentary films like "Jupiter Menace" and "In Search of Bigfoot" etc., this movie doesn't offer much.

Movie night in search of historic jesus christ. MOVIENIGHT IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC jesus christ. MOVIENIGHT IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC jesus christ of latter. Videos Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Learn more More Like This Drama | Comedy Romance 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 4. 4 / 10 X A romantic comedy revolving around the on-again, off-again relationship of a young New York couple. Director: David Helpern Stars: Susan Sarandon, David Steinberg, Jean-Pierre Aumont 5. 5 / 10 A TV producer who is the mistress of her boss, tries to have him make their relationship more permanent, and begins a relationship with a younger man. When her boss hears of this, he tries... See full summary  » Sidney Lumet Ali MacGraw, Alan King, Myrna Loy 7. 1 / 10 A Southerner--young, poor, ambitious but uneducated--determines to become something in the world. He decides that the best way to do that is to become a preacher and start up his own church. John Huston Brad Dourif, John Huston, Dan Shor Franz Woyzeck is a hapless, hopeless soldier, alone and powerless in society, assaulted from all sides by forces he can not control. Werner Herzog Klaus Kinski, Eva Mattes, Wolfgang Reichmann Action Adventure 5. 6 / 10 After a plane is hijacked by terrorists, The Delta Force is sent in to resolve the crisis. Menahem Golan Chuck Norris, Lee Marvin, Martin Balsam Crime Thriller 7. 4 / 10 A lawyer is forced to defend a guilty judge, while defending other innocent clients, and trying to find punishment for the guilty and provide justice for the innocent. Norman Jewison Al Pacino, Jack Warden, John Forsythe Musical 7. 2 / 10 Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. When they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance? Randal Kleiser John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John, Stockard Channing Edit Storyline This examination of historical sources speculates on the accuracy of the biblical depiction of Jesus. Plot Summary Plot Synopsis Taglines: "2000 years ago on a hilltop near Jerusalem a man was brutally whipped, repeatedly tortured and finally crucified. His name was Jesus. " WAS HE THE SON OF GOD? Details Release Date: August 1979 (Canada) See more  » Box Office Budget: $250, 000 (estimated) See more on IMDbPro  » Company Credits Technical Specs Color: Color (Technicolor) See full technical specs  » Did You Know? Trivia Unlike many other movies, the crucifixion of Jesus depicted here shows the nails being driven through his wrists rather than his palms. This may also be the only Jesus movie in which his whipping is shown in a sequence which follows by some minutes a sequence showing his crucifixion. See more » Quotes Narrator: Under normal circumstances, men were tied to the cross, as was the case with the two thieves, but the Romans nailed Jesus to his cross to further humiliate the King of the Jews. See more »

Movie night in search of historic jesus movie.


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{"person_id"=>79739, "character"=>" Mary ", "cast_id"=>4, "credit_id"=>"539ec834c3a36872380017b6"} production_companies {"id"=>6177, "name"=>"Sunn Classic Pictures"} production_countries US {"person_id"=>13401, "character"=>"God (voice)", "order"=>16, "cast_id"=>16, "credit_id"=>"54c34ced9251416eae00df01"} {"person_id"=>15744, "character"=>"Herod", "order"=>15, "cast_id"=>15, "credit_id"=>"54c34cbb92514124460050e2"} {"person_id"=>50708, "character"=>"Andrew", "order"=>14, "cast_id"=>14, "credit_id"=>"54c34cac92514124460050e0"} {"person_id"=>14508, "character"=>"Synagogue Man #1", "order"=>13, "cast_id"=>13, "credit_id"=>"54c34c9dc3a3687929005705"} {"person_id"=>1217452, "character"=>"Thomas", "order"=>12, "cast_id"=>12, "credit_id"=>"54c34c8cc3a3683338000ce0"} {"person_id"=>15625, "character"=>"Pontius Pilate", "order"=>11, "cast_id"=>11, "credit_id"=>"54c34c76c3a368792c004ca1"} {"person_id"=>52903, "character"=>"Peter", "order"=>10, "cast_id"=>10, 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